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For me, the answer to this is, unfortunately or otherwise, no. I have been a professional high class escort for just over eleven years and I am twenty nine years old. I started straight from school because having sex paid a hell of a lot better than my other options. I have not had too many issues with the job – the odd scary incident but less than my friends who meet guys on Tinder. The things is, other than in my working life I am basically monogamous. I am a serial monogamist. I have only had three boyfriends in my life and – apart from my paying clients in my professional life – I have only had four one night stands and they were all very unsatisfactory.

two escorts wearing briefs while cuddlingMy business life as a sex worker is all business. My job is to look good, be in good shape and give the clients whatever they want to keep them entertained. That might mean oral sex, straight sex in whatever position they want, or whatever position I think will get them off, it might sometimes mean more kinky and unusual things such as giving the client a golden shower or my receiving anal sex. When I am working as one of the best escorts Marbella has to offer, it often actually means just spending hours just talking and listening while clients talk their brains off as they handle the cocaine. Or going to the clubs and dancing.

But while I put my back – and everything else – into my work and move heaven and earth to make them happy and fulfilled I am not really into the sex enough to get off and have an orgasm. I do in my personal life, but I need the emotional connection to get me there and there just is not time with clients. I do have my regular clients and I enjoy them a lot and I have come very close with a few of them. Do they think they have made me reach? Yes, probably. My acting skills and kleigel muscles are both in excellent shape. So if I want someone to think I have, then I assure you that is exactly what they will think.