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Working as a high class escort can be very lucrative. And the lifestyle can be extremely seductive as you get to live the real high life. Clients provide private jets for transport. You get to stay in the best suites in some of the most glorious hotels. I was on first name terms with many of the staff at places like the Dorchester, the Taj Dubai and pretty much every Mandarin in Asia. And the private homes! Good grief some of the places I stayed in Italy, Switzerland and the South of France were beyond anything I had ever imagined, having grown up solidly middle class in England. And that is where most prostitutes at the very top of the industry make the cardinal mistake, from which their lives go badly wrong. They think that life is real, that it will continue forever and that they will always be in that environment. They think that they belong, rather than appreciating that they are visitors.

rear view of escort girl on beach walking wearing white bikiniIt is true that some girls marry and the life becomes their own. Or they start some business that allows them to stay. One woman I know runs an extremely large real estate agency in the south of France that she ran for many years before selling it to one of the large international firms. The seed investment money for the business came from work as a Tenerife escort girl. Most of her income was from a Saudi prince who was an escort client of hers. She had spent nearly six months a year with him in Tenerife every year. Most, on the other hand spend all their money without a thought for tomorrow and disappear into their originals lives when their looks fade.

I, on the other hand, live as simply as possible. I have a small apartment, a small and oldish car, and my off duty wardrobe is basically jeans and casual. My income after I pay my taxes (yes, I do!) gets invested in the safest things I know – property in London and two index trackers – one in the New York Stock Exchange. And one in the London Stock Exchange. The properties are rented out and the capital gain is terrific when you average out the economic cycles.