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As I was approaching the graduation of my Cambridge degree course in Archaeology I knew there was no way that I was going to continuing in that direction. After being an escort part time (weekends and summer) for less than three years I was making around three times what the Professor in charge of the whole department was earning. I still had a passion for the subject, but the lure of money, glamour and, frankly, of having power over rich and powerful men as an escort, was honestly too strong. My thought was that if I was going to make money on my knees, I could make a tine amount in a dig or a very large amount as an escort. I thought about it for about ten seconds. And then straight after graduation (first class honours, thank you) I became a full time professional escort. And I have not looked back since.

escort girl in handcuffsbear shot wearing white lace girl boxersI stayed with the same escort agency in London, working mainly in Mayfair, Belgravia and Chelsea. My reputation increased discreetly and I was never short of bookings. My rates went up and I very rarely took a booking of less than four hours. I also stayed with the escort agency that they had recommended in Ibiza. But I also expanded my summer range into working as an escort in Las Palmas in the Canary Islands, Cannes and Nice. In the winter I spent a lot of time skiing, and partying with (mainly) Russians.

One thing that never failed to amaze me was how much it cost to be me in my new job. I had taken a course in accounting and kept scrupulous books – encrypted and in the cloud – and the amount I spent on gym memberships, hair and make up, let alone shoes and clothes was staggering. OK, I tended to have a lot of shoes, jewellery, lingerie, dresses and swimwear bought for me by clients. Which made the amount I spent even more ludicrous! But then again, I was saving beyond aggressively, and investing those savings securely and with little risk. I lived in a tiny apartment with a few really good pieces of furniture – well, a sofa and bed – and when I was touring a kept my costs as low as possible unless clients were going to see.