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Like most girls, I wanted to be a dancer while I was growing up. Unfortunately for those career ambitions, I grew too tall and my legs, while having no extra flesh ever, were more Britney Spears than Darcey Bussell. Probably too much skiing, I suspect, but I am happy enough with them now!After that I grew enamored by archaeology thanks to Indiana Jones and Time Team. I know that Harrison Ford and Tony Robinson seem like an unlikely pair to inspire a young woman, but such it is. I did well at school and with the excellent A levels that I gained I was accepted at Cambridge to read archaeology. I loved everything about my first year. The professors were great, the environment and architecture were everything that I had dreamed of. And I even enjoyed the town, although every weekend my friends and I tended to head into London to hit the clubs.

Unfortunately during the long vacation over the summer between first and second year I realised something very important, predictable and problematic. My student debt was already horrible and it was only going to get worse. Given that jobs in archaeology, even with an MSc are lower than working at McDonald’s. Something had to be done. Looking back, now that I spend my life as a high class escort travelling all over the place, spending my summers in Gran Canaria, Ibiza and the like, how I actually got into the business seems so innocuous. It is always the case, that small decisions have huge repercussions.

I mentioned my impending poverty to one of my close friends who said that she might be able to help. The next week she invited me to go to London with me. She just told me to get dressed up as we were going on a blind date with a couple of girls that her friend had set up. I got to the bar with her and the guys were nicely dressed and quite charming, though distinctly middle aged. After a few minutes there was a little sly action between my friend and one of the guys. She suggested we went to the loo. There, she passed me an envelope filled with twenties. She gave me a meaningful look. I thought for a second, and nodded. Just like that, I was an escort.

Turns out that I liked it and was good at it.