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Well there is an obvious answer and that is having lots of sex! They say that an hour of non stop sex burns off around four hundred to six hundred calories. Of course, to most people that is completely irrelevant as the usual four minute quickie comes to about twenty seven calories. Or about the same as a quarter of a glass of the wine that got you into bed in the first place. But for professional sex workers, it is a little different. To start with, men who are paying for sex expect to get more of it than they would from their girlfriends or wives.

So the same guys who would normally manage a couple of pumps and a squirt with their other half and then go to sleep somehow manage to go three times in an hour with a professional escort. And, of course, each time goes longer. Second, we are often having sex with clients who are off their face on chemicals. Usually that is fine as it just makes them chatty or sleepy or cuddly. But when a client of the sexiest escort Ibiza has to supply uses cocaine their sex drive and ego are both inflamed. And then if they get their hands on some viagra, they have the ability to deliver on what their ego and libido demand. And then, yes, I suspect that four hundred calories is a bit of an understatement.

But even as one of the most professional and successful high class escorts in Ibiza, there is a limit to how fit sex can keep you. On the other hand I have to be fit so that I can work long hours and look as hot as humanly possible in the flesh and in my regular photo shoots. Allys Angels Escorts Ibiza are very good about making sure that I am always presented in the best possible way, so I also kind of feel responsible for making them look good too. So for me, aside from my horizontal work outs, the most important thing is to keep a balance of aerobic, resistance and flexibility work. Crossfit pretty much does the job for all of those and does not take much time either.