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In life and in romance, money is important. It is especially true that if you do not have enough money for the lifestyle that you are living, then things can get very messy very quickly. It is well known that most arguments and problems in marriages are related to money. Normally this is because there is too little money, but having too much money can cause problems too. Money issues are one of the most common reasons for divorce.

It is interesting to me that it is often males who do not have much money who are far more likely to accuse women that they date of gold-digging. That is probably because they do not have a lot of money to begin with, then they are paranoid about ensuring that they either hold on to what little they have or receive good value for money in return for the money they spend. And by value for money they usually mean getting sex as some kind of reward for what money they have spent on a woman that they are dating. Basically they treat every woman as though she were a Geneva escort and are then horrified when the woman treats them in the same way! What goers around comes around in dating as in everything else.

Most people would not believe it, but the opposite is also true because having a lot of money can also cause problems when you are dating. Obviously this is a challenge that most people would like to experience; but believe me it is no more fun dating while rich than dating while single. You just get to go through the pain in more style and in nicer places. Rich men always wonder whether the girl that they are with wants them for themselves or just for their money. In the same way that a woman with a perfect set of tits wonders whether a man likes her personality as well.

I have also met lots of rich males who seem to believe that just because they can offer women a nice lifestyle, then they are entitled to treat every woman that they meet as though she is a call girl. They treat sex workers the same way when they meet them as they travel around the world. The truth is that no woman likes to be treated as though she is property, not even escorts, who are not for sale, but can be rented by the hour.

We have all seen rich men marry young and beautiful girls as trophy wives only to hear them complain a few months later how much they dislike the girl’s personality. As someone who works in the sex industry I always wonder why they go to the trouble. I have often known rich men cheat on their new trophy wives because they have done their job as a husband and bread winner and feel entitled to do whatever they want, with who they want. In a lot of these situations, money is the only thing that keeps the couple together.