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My life in the sex business is fun because of the freedom and independence that it allows me. My business is almost entirely run from a laptop and phones. And the laptop and phones do not even need to be in the same place as each other. So I can travel the world and work from literally anywhere with no interruption in the flow of my business. I can sit on a beach in the far east or in a bar in America and still work perfectly well. My receptionists need to have the phones at all times, of course, but as long as the telephones are being answered I do not really care where they are or who is actually answering them. My staff are all very well trained to do the job equally well.

If you want a job that gives you total freedom in terms of where, when and how you work, it is difficult to find anything better than being the owner of an escort agency. The sex industry is now almost entirely dependent on the internet, mobile phones and cloud data storage. The fact that the industry is so heavily based on technology also means that you can operate anywhere in the world. Running a sex business with the sexiest escorts Gran Canaria has to offer does not mean being tied to a landline telephone like it used to in the past. And unless you really like living the cliched pimp lifestyle, there is no need to visit nightclubs and bars.

To live life in the sex industry and effectively run a business, you have two choices and they are not really compatible with each other. The first choice is to follow the cliche and spend every night in VIP rooms, nightclubs and bars. To be on first name terms with every club owner, concierge and member of security. The other route is to base your business on technology, using the internet, customer relationship management software, search engine optimization and cloud data storage. The first option might be glamorous, but it leaves no time for more technology based approaches. The second route is more methodical and dull, but it can be managed from anywhere in the world and so gives greater freedom.