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It is the year long dream isn’t it? Those poor souls who have not not found or created the chance to leave the cold, dark and wet northern climes and move to the warm sunshine spend the whole year dreaming about getting into the warm sunny weather and stripping off their inhibitions as well as their clothes. Their imaginations run wild with thoughts of firm tanned limbs, revealing swim wear and excitement. The women dream of tight butts and six packs on their men – by the way, do you remember chest hair? Anyone? And the guys dream of long legs shining from sun oil, boobs in bikini tops and long hair tickling their tummies as the sun tanned goddess goes down on their…well you know where the rest of that goes.

All the TV shows, films and books tell us that the sunny locations are also the ones where the sex goes wild and the people look gorgeous. Have these people never heard of Barcelona? Ick! Working in the adult industry in some of the most desirable places in Europe, and representing some of the most permanently sexy and desirable escorts Barcelona is able to offer to anyone. I guess I rather get used to both the environs and the sex appeal. But when I think back, I remember what it was like when I first arrived here.

Permanent sunshine – well it felt like it at the time, now I am wearing sweaters, boots and coats while the tourists are in flimsy throws and flip flops – hit my libido like a hammer. And I guess I am not alone in that. Every animal nests, ruts, goes into heat, whatever their version of getting horny is, when the spring arrives and brings the good weather. So why should humans be different? And if you live in Northern Europe, especially in the United Kingdom, summer does not feel that different to the start of spring. So when you hit the real warm weather, the same things always happen. And we locals do not really understand it and look on aghast. Sex in the summer? Sure. Sex in the sun? Behave yourselves.