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Diesel was certainly not the first clothing brand to conflate advertising and sex, they did set the whole world of advertising alight back in 2010 after crafting a series of adverts out of this age old saying; “Sex sells. Unfortunately, we sell jeans”. Brilliant. And needless to say, the accompanying adverts were sexy as hell, even by the extremely high levels of sex appeal in the average Diesel advertising campaign!two escorts wearing briefs while cuddling

In their advertising campaign, “Sex Sells. Unfortunately, we sell jeans.” Diesel employed photographers to shoot attractive men and women in sexually provocative poses on leather couches and worn bed spreads. No one – obviously – is sure how many pairs of jeans the campaign actually sold. But one thing is for certain, which is that is lifted brand awareness of Diesel. Especially after the campaign went viral on the internet, which was undoubtedly their most profound hope all along. But even in the sex industry, people like Barbies Babes Leeds Escorts know that sex does not even sell sex. Even on escort agency web sites – which, presumably, people have visited because they are interested in buying sex – just having sexy pictures is not enough. The website needs to look good – or disgusting and lewd – in a way that provokes and titillates the target audience.

What most people outside the sex industry do not know is that the first and probably most important audience for an escort agency web site is the escorts themselves. If a website does not appeal to the escort girls and make them want to be listed on it, then you have no sex to sell. So if you want to sell sex, you have to sell your ability to sell sex first. Yeah, I know; read it again and it will make sense.

Diesel was clearly not the first clothing or consumer brand to link advertising and sex in the marketing strategy. If they were, then the expression “sex sells” would not be as familiar to all of us in the general population. Historians who study marketing and advertising – yes, such a profession exists – think that the first to try out this (then new) concept was Pearl Tobacco as far back as eighteen seventy one in the United States. They produced an image of a naked woman and placed that on their product packaging. The rest was history. The brand, however was a lot less long lasting than the concept they originated.