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A smart prostitute will make her client feel that he is the most perfect lover and the greatest possible man. Then he will happily spend money to have more time in her presence. The best whores that I know have the skills to make a man feel like he is the most perfect sex partner. The best prostitutes also make every man that they meet as a client feel as though they really want him to be her lover in real life. Most men can think of nothing better than being in the presence of a sexy girl. Especially a sexy girl who thinks that they are sexually desirable. For that men will be happy to pay big money.

The biggest myth about the sensuality business is the one about human smuggling. There is this idea that every prostitute is a victim of organised crime organisations. It is not true that every one of the high class escorts London offers is a victim. Sex work is probably not the first choice of career for any girl. But that does not mean that she has been forced into working as a whore. A girl who makes a choice to make money by renting her body for sensuality is not the same as a slave. The majority of prostitutes choose to be prostitutes because it is the best way to make good money in little time.

There is much satisfaction and pride in building anything with your own hard work. It does not matter whether the product is popular or luxurious. I love the process of turning something from an idea into something real. I especially like building something that makes money for me and for other people. It is the joy of creation. My area of creation is the sex industry.

Working in the sensuality business can be fun sometimes. But even though it is fun it is still work. Building any kind of successful business is always hard. But if you do make your business into a success then the rewards can be great. Not just financial rewards, but also rewards in pride and satisfaction.

People enjoy having sex. People like watching pornography. People take pleasure in reading about sensuality and people enjoy talking about sensuality. Which is why the sensuality business is so big everywhere in the world. Sensuality is one of the biggest industries in the world and it is also the oldest profession. People in every part of the world like sensuality. Women have always sold sensuality to men. In ancient times, people sold sensuality for food, but now most people sell sensuality for money. As long as people need sex, other people will sell that sex to them.

I do not want to be a criminal and I do not want to be involved in a business that is illegal. So I object to the way many countries treat the sensuality business. I do not think of myself as a criminal. Some countries are sensible, but some are just weird. I like working with prostitutes and I like taking care of my associates and my clients. I believe I am very good at running my business and making it a success. So when other people decide that what I do should be illegal just because of their moral or political views I strongly object to that.