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The basis of all good businesses and products are human needs and wants. If you have a product or service that people neither need nor want, then no matter how well or how hard you advertise and market, it will be a failure. Of course, there are wants and needs that people do not know that they have until the right product is presented. We did not know that a road atlas was useless and out of date until Google Maps started working well and became easily available.

Sex is one of things that human beings have always wanted and will always want. Even when someone is having enough sex to keep their needs satisfied, that is not always enough to give them what they want. Even a person who is having lots of sex can want different kinds of sex, or sex with different people, or sex in different places. That is, after all, the reason that the sex industry exists. Even the sexiest and most attractive Marbella escorts would be out of a job if everyone wanted the same kind of sex with the same kind of people all the time. Even people who are basically happy with their sex lives can easily find themselves attracted by the allure of the forbidden. Sometimes that is forbidden or unusual kinds of sex, sometimes it is the same kinds of sex but with different people. The power of the strange and new is difficult to overestimate.

Being in the sex business is very enjoyable. But not in the way that people imagine. Many people have their understanding of the sex industry given to them by films and tv. They imagine that my job must be to spend every evening in the VIP areas of bars and nightclubs dressed in the latest glamorous fashions. And that I must have lots of rich, beautiful and famous friends. And certainly I must be on first name terms with every nightclub and restaurant owner as well as their bar staff and security. None of that is true. In fact, most of it is totally the opposite of reality.