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The well know concept from Friedrich Nietsche that if it doesn’t kill you makes you stronger holds true as long as you or we or they are breathing. As long as we are alive then there is hope. Stoicism also teaches a similar idea, though Marcus Aurelius, Epictetus and Seneca were far less likely to be quoted as a reference by Adolf Hitler and pretty much every movie villain that is supposed to be intelligent. But the idea holds true. The thing that happens is not as important as how we react to the occurrence.

two escorts wearing briefs while cuddlingNow just so you know its hard to practise what I preach. I do feel down and get upset about things sometimes. There are little things that do still bother me. Running a business such as Elegant Escorts in Madrid is sure not to be entirely smooth sailing all the time. Clients, escorts, competitors, Google, banking, suppliers all present their own issues. And most of the time I manage to control my reaction to both good and bad news so that I do not get too excited or too stressed about anything that is happening. However at least I am aware of it and I do try not to shovel the shot around to everyone, not saying that I don’t do it just that I try not to.

The other thing I try not to do too much is to obsess about negative stuff. Again I try not to and yes its difficult but investing in twenty or thirty different ways to make yourself feel bad about stuff really is not a productive thing to do. Especially if a you are unable to control it and if you have no way of changing the outcome. I work hard to identify what I can control and work on that. The other stuff I try to let take care of itself until I can do something about it.

Saying the same thing a million different ways is not going to change anything. It is however going to make you feel bad, so continue if you want to feel bad or really bad. Get tunnel vision and keep on going and the light at the end of the tunnel is bound to be the train coming.